Rumble Roller Canada Reviews - Comparing to Foam Roller

Rumble Roller Canada Reviews

Rumble roller is a new type and improved version of foam rollers. They’resignificantly better and much more effective than theregular foam roller due to the ‘bumps’ on it. While the appearance of the Rumble Roller look funny, many are curious what it does and how it is better. This post willsupply you with a overall understanding the reasons athletes and trainers are trashing their foam rollers and being sold to the rumble roller, regardless of its appearance.

What is a rumble roller?

The Rumble Roller is actually
much likethe original foam roller, except its far more powerful and more effective. Determined by2 sizes; compact (5” x 12”) and full-size (6” x 31”). They’rebest for minimizing muscles ache and tightness. The quality and materials used to make them are top-notch, making themvery resilient. The core of the Rumble Roller is ‘solid’ composed of resilient grade of high density EVA foam, rather than ‘hollow’ like the foam roller. And of course, the bumps on the surface is what makes the Rumble Roller unique and effective. The bumps enable the roller to reach parts that smooth rollers can’t reach. It works on deeper layers of muscles, stretch your fascia in multiple directions and more effective at releasing points. Most people are concerns of the bumpy surface as theylook very unpleasantand in some cases ‘scary’. However, that is not true, because of the way the bumps flex. It only takes a very short period of time to get used to the Rumble Roller. But if you haven’t used a foam roller before, then you will feel the pain at the beginning, and will get used to it over time.

When should you use Rumble Roller?

strongly suggestusing rumble roller before your training, because it can help prepare your body for movement. I also use it between workouts to help chill out my body and enhance recovery. So in general, it can be used anytime you like, from beginning to end, and even between different exercises. Each session shouldn’t take more than 5 - 10 minutes, it depends on the user and how much the user wants to relief. Of course, the longer the better as the Rumble Roller gives similar effect as a massage, assisting your body to relief tight muscles and pain, especially after intensive workouts.

Where can I buy Rumble Roller?

Rumble Roller is now
offered at Treadmill Factory Canada. They are the official authorized seller and shipped across Canada daily. For anyone living in Toronto region, you are in luck as they have showroom in Toronto, Markham, Mississauga, Barrie and London area, where you can then do walkin purchase directly, making things quick and easy. For people living outside of Toronto, such as Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, you may order through their website directly. I’ve found them very reliable as they usually shipped within 24 hours and pleasant customer support, at least thats where I got mine Rumble Roller from. For your information, they are available starting at around $44.99 (compact size) and approximately $69.99 (full-size). One can choose from both blue and black. Most are confused which size to buy, but from my experience, it really depends on how you plan to use it. For athletes who travel alot or keep it in gym bag, I would recommend the compact. For individuals whowant to use it at home, then go with full size, because it gives you a lot more room for turning and twisting movements and suitable for different exercises.